^What are the Benefits of using NEXT Financial Insurance for your fixed insurance business?

  • Provide you with the same or better level of marketing support and services
  • Provide you with the same level of payout directly from the insurance company
  • Add your fixed annuity and insurance business to your NEXT Financial Group production totals in the form of GDC credits - No haircuts and not on the grid!
  • Increase the value of NEXT Financial Holdings’s (“NFH”) stock price because the insurance companies are now sharing some of their revenue with NEXT Financial Insurance who is wholly owned by Next Financial Group.

^How were the Strategic Partner Agencies Selected?

The universe of Field Marketing Organizations (“FMOs”) is in the hundreds. They all express interest in working with our organization. Our decision to create a selective group of strategic partner agencies gives you options and choice for maximum sales and marketing support. These handpicked agencies provide you with access to turn-key marketing programs, advance insurance case design, direct communication with underwriters for case assistance, spreadsheets of rates, caps, features, benefits.

^How do I choose the appropriate partner for my business practice?

Information regarding your Strategic Partners Agencies is available on the NEXT Financial Insurance website with phone number and links attached. Each agency has areas of expertise that could be instrumental in supporting your practice. If you would like more specific information or recommendation, please call your relationship specialist at 866-945-8125.

^How do I process my fixed life and Long-Term Care business?

Our Strategic Partners are responsible for processing all new business applications. They will get you appropriately licensed, help with transfers, provide quotes, run illustrations, provide all necessary forms, and track commissions due to you.

^How do I get paid on business submitted?

You are paid directly by the insurance companies according to their commission run cycle.*

* Excludes Equity Indexed Annuity business that must be paid through NEXT Financial Group. (Please See Guidelines for Processing EIA's under Policies Tab)

^How is my GDC credited?

All fixed insurance and annuity business submitted through our preferred insurance partners will be included in your NEXT Financial Group's (“NEXT”) Gross Dealer Concession (“GDC”) production totals. NEXT will apply a 100% GDC credit based on the first year commissions you received directly from the insurance carriers.

Since you are being paid directly from the insurance carriers on these products there will be no reduction in pay!

Approved products, carriers and strategic partner agencies must be used and tracking of your GDC credits can be located on under the commission header on the left hand side of the landing page and referenced as NEXT Financial Insurance GDC credit.

The GDC credits provided from your fixed insurance production will not increase your pay structure at NEXT Financial Group.

The increased GDC levels can be important for contests, recognition, minimum production levels, and overall status within the organization.

^If I have my own existing general agency, can NEXT Financial Insurance support a down-line of non-security licensed insurances agents?

Yes. For information on setting up your down-line, please call NEXT Financial Insurance at 866-945-8125.

^How are Equity Index Annuities Processed?

Effective July 1, 2007, NEXT Financial Group, inc. (“the B-D”) implemented an Equity Indexed Annuity Policy requiring all registered representatives to process any and all EIA business through the B-D. A copy of this policy is found in the Written Supervisory Procedures (“WSPs”) located on the B-D’s website ( under NEXT Service/Compliance/Compliance Forms.

This policy is mandatory and not subject to exception. Direct violations of this policy will be considered “selling away” from the firm and may bring severe penalties, up to and including termination from the B-D. Participating in the sale of EIA products to your customers via another licensed agent or processing application through a an unapproved third party agency, is an indirect violation of the stated policy and would subject you to the ramifications of “selling away” from NEXT Financial Group.

  1. Represent only EIA products and carriers approved by the B-D.
    *EIA approved products list is located on NEXT Financial Insurance's website,
  2. License with and transact EIA business through approved strategic partners agencies.
    *Contact NEXT Financial Insurance at 866-945-8125 for a current partner list.
  3. All EIA applications must be reviewed and approved prior to submission to a carrier through your established NEXT Financial Group supervision structure. (OSJ Supervisor or Home Office Principal).