At NEXT Financial Insurance, we understand the importance of remaining to up-to-date with industry policies. In our continuing effort to enhance the efficiencies of your practice, we have provided all the tools you will need to aid in your business decisions in regard to policy changes.

GDC Crediting Policy

Fixed insurance and annuity business submitted through our preferred insurance partners will be included in your NEXT Financial Group (“NEXT”) Gross Dealer Concession (“GDC”) production totals. NEXT will apply a 100% GDC credit based on the first year commissions you received directly from the insurance carriers.
Life insurance business is paid directly from the carriers with no reduction in pay.
FMO'S and insurance carriers report production directly to NEXT Financial Insurance, which is then updated quarterly on Nextrep.
The GDC credits provided from your fixed insurance production will not increase your pay structure at NEXT Financial Group.
The increased GDC levels can be important for contests, recognition, minimum production levels, and overall status within the organization.
Please feel free to call our team at 866-945-8125 if you have any questions.


NEXT Financial Approved Equity Indexed Annuities

Allianz Life

Allianz 360 (Preferred)
Allianz 365I (Preferred)
Allianz Preferred 222
Core Income 7 (Preferred)

American Equity

Choice 6,8,10
Foundations Gold
Integrity Gold
Traditions Gold
Traditions Gold Plus

American General

Global 8
Power Protector 7,10
Power Select Builder
Power Select Plus
Power Select Plus Income
Vision Advantage 7,9


Liberty Mark 7
Liberty Mark 7+
Liberty Mark 10 LT
Liberty Mark SE 7
Liberty Mark SE 7+
Liberty Mark SE 10 LT

American National

Strategy Index Annuity 7


Ascent Accumulator 5, 7, 10
Ascent Pro 5, 7, 10
BCA Elevate 8,10
Protector 5 & 7

Delaware Life

Assured Income 7
Retirement Stages 7
Retirement Chapters 10

Eagle Life

Eagle Select 6,8,10 year

Global Atlantic

Forethought Bonus Advantage
Income 150
Income 150+


Great American Life

American Legend III
American Valor 10
American Custom 10
FlexMax Plus
Safe Outlook
Safe Return

Integrity Life

Indextra 7, 10

Jackson National Life

Ascender Plus Select 5-7-10 Year
Elite Choice (All)
Select Annual Reset 5‐7-10 year

Lafayette Life

Centennial 7
Marquis Centennial 10
Marquis SP

Lincoln Financial Group

New Directions 6,8
OptiChoice 5,7,9
OptiPoint 8,10
OptiBlend 10

Midland National

BenefitPay 10
BenefitPay II
IndexBuilder (10 year)
MNL Endeavor 8
MNL Endeavor 8 Plus
MNL Income Vantage 10
MNL Select 10
MNL RetireVantage 10

National Western

Global Lookback
Impact 7,10
Ultra Value


New Heights 9
New Heights 10


North American

Benefit Solutions 10
Charter Plus 10
IncomeChoice 10
NA Performance Choice 8
RetireChoice 10


Capital Elite 10 (select FMO partner)

Pacific Life

Index Foundation

Index Edge


Protective Asset Builder 6,8
Protective Income Builder
ProSaver Secure II
Protective Indexed Annuity II 5,7,10

Reliance Standard

Keystone 5,7,10

Sagicor Life Insurance

Platinum Series Sage Advantage
Sage Advantage
Single Premium Whole Life
Universal Life

Security Benefit

Foundations 5,7

The Standard of Oregon

Index Growth Annuity 5,7
Index Select Annuity 5,7,10


Lifetime Income
Quest 5, 7
Quest Plus
Wealth Builder 6,8
Wealth Builder PLUS




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